How to Teach TikTok What You Like to Watch

Whether you’re a TikTok newcomer or a pro, there are a few things you need to know about the app’s recommendations system. These recommendations are built on a few factors, including user activity, captions, and hashtags. These are all used to create a custom “For You” page that displays content that is relevant to your interests and activity. The more you engage with TikTok, the higher your chances of seeing videos that interest you.

The “For You” page is the main place that TikTok users spend a majority of their time. The “For You” page is a constantly moving stream of TikTok videos that users can scroll through. TikTok recommends videos based on the sounds and hashtags that are trending at the moment. These videos may also be featured on the “Discover” tab, which is TikTok’s search bar. TikTok recommends content based on the creator’s engagement, as well. If a creator has a lot of followers and engages in a lot of commenting, their video will be more likely to appear on the “For You” page.

TikTok’s algorithm is constantly changing. While TikTok has a document on its website that outlines the overall system, it has not fully released details. However, the Wall Street Journal recently published a report about the system. This report showed TikTok’s system as it currently operates, and it revealed some important elements of the recommendation system. These factors include watch time, engagement, captions, and sounds.

The algorithm favors videos that are easy to digest and short. The algorithm also looks at the video’s subject matter, the language used, and the location where the video was posted. It also takes into account the number of times a video has been commented on and liked. TikTok also serves content to users who are already engaged with trending audio and video. The algorithm is constantly learning and adapting to the needs of its users.

Some TikTok users have taken to using creative visual tricks to show TikTok that they’re enjoying a particular video. Using sound is also a way to show the algorithm that you’re enjoying a video. You can add sound to your video by clicking on the “multiple” option, which allows you to choose what you want to sound like and sync your sounds across media. You can also choose to slow down or speed up your video.

Using hashtags in your TikTok videos is also a great way to help the app understand what you’re watching. When the system sees that you’ve watched a particular video, it recommends other videos that are similar. This may include videos with similar hashtags, captions, and sounds. You can also add keywords to your videos to help the system understand what you’re watching. These keywords can be anything from your name to your favorite TV show.

You can also use the “Not Interested” button to hide videos you don’t like. By doing this, TikTok will show you less videos with the same sound.