About Us

Ngoolie.com is a news and information portal owned by Ngoolie Media Technology Ltd. which is a digital media that focuses on information, opinions, reviews, tips or tutorials, and news in the field of technology and information technology.

Ngoolie.com has the tagline “Never Gonna Lie” or shortened to “ngoolie” has a vision to help enlighten and educate the life of the nation and state by providing information through informative, clear and easy-to-understand writing , prioritizing facts, and the appropriateness of the context in the field of technology and information technology.

We try to present articles that are interesting, informative, and clear so it can be easily read by all ages, especially the younger generation.

Ngoolie.com presents articles written by several authors and have gone through an editing process so that the information conveyed is balanced and prioritizes facts based on trusted sources.

As for articles that present reviews or reviews based on the author’s experience, they are written in a balanced and not misleading manner, so that readers can obtain information about the advantages and disadvantages of a technology product.

Ngoolie.com is also very open and humble if readers want to provide criticism and suggestions for articles that we have published. Please contact us via email: customer@ngoolie.id.


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